The Story of Leo & Company

The story of Leo & Company begins with a boy and his dog, and the love between them. Loki was one of a litter of puppies brought into the Yamhill County animal shelter,  Leo was a 4 year old boy very excited about adopting his first dog.  Loki waddled over to Leo, sat down in front of him, and licked him on the nose.  They have been the best of friends ever since.

Leo and Loki

But that’s not the end of the story . . .

Leo had been born with a life-threatening and debilitating liver condition;  almost from day one Loki became his champion, and over the years Loki was trained to perform a variety of tasks for Leo.  As Leo got older, he delighted in baking the treats used to train Loki, and in developing new and innovative recipes for him.   Leo’s mom had experience as a veterinary assistant, so Leo let her help.

Loki was approved for work as Leo’s official Service Dog, accompanying him to his many medical appointments and providing love and support along with his other duties.

The love that the boy poured into his dog came full circle, as it always does.  Leo had rescued Loki from the pound, and Loki rescued Leo from the limitations of chronic illness, and was at his side as Leo recovered from a life saving liver transplant at the tender age of 12.  With Loki’s devotion and support, Leo made a full recovery, and although they are still inseparable,  Loki has been able to retire from his service dog duties, at the ripe old age of 12.

Now this dynamic duo, ably assisted by Leo’s mom, can focus on making their delectable training treats available to the world!

A percentage of profits from Leo & Co. sales is donated to animal causes; including  Family Dogs New Life shelter, a no-kill shelter in Portland Oregon.


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