Quick and Easy Way To Improve Your Dogs Dental Hygiene

We don’t offer a biscuit for bad doggie-breath, mostly because bad breath in dogs is so frequently a symptom of medical issues, and you want to treat the cause, not mask the symptom.   Happily, there is a quick way to improve canine oral hygiene and improve run-of-the-mill bad breath: squash.
Letting your pooch chew on chucks of raw squash (pumpkin, butternut, etc.), with the rind still on,  lets your dog do the work of brushing their own teeth  while improving their diet (most dogs don’t get enough veggies.
Most dogs really enjoy the chewing action, and the subtle sweetness;  watch your dog the first few times to make sure you’ve gotten the chunks the right size for your pup (large enough for a good chew, small enough to go down easy.  Monthly is generally sufficient to keep teeth clean and improve your dogs breath.


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