Hey, Buddy, Can You Spare A Bone?

We recently got word that one of the most kick-ass dog shelters in Portland is really feeling the economic pinch

“Although the last several weeks have brought some awesome adoptions of our long timers Honna Lee, Eddie, Mr Chompers and Blue, overall our adoption rates have been down and so have donations. Needless to say, money is tight around here and we could use a little help. But alas, their lack of thumbs make it challenging to find decent work…”

Family Dogs does critical work in our community, and I cant begin to tell you what excellent care they give the dogs (or the grueling hours that entails). We know times are tight, and maybe you want to make a donation, but then it would be a choice between helping shelter dogs or buying biscuits for your own pooch. We have a solution! Make a contribution of $25 or more to them and we will ship you a FREE bag of biscuits, so you can have your treats, and donate too!

Just email you donation confirmation, and we will give you the deets on free treats!

Thanks So Much For Your Support!


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