We Are Trying Out New Packaging!

We are always tinkering, here at the ol’ biscuit factory ,  always looking for ways to do things better, from ingredients, to best practices in production, and even packaging.   Our current bakery bags are awesome, but their dimensions are such that they don’t fit in the smallest USPS shipping boxes,  and the next larger box is ridiculously big ~not to mention ridiculously expensive to ship!  We also wanted packaging that did a better job of showcasing the unique characteristics of our treats.

Our New BioBags, better in every way!

So now we are experimenting with cellulose bags that fit very nicely in the little Flat Rate boxes, and don’t have a negative impact on the planet.

We would love your feedback: for example, the bags are designed to be closed with a twist-tie, but could be heat sealed (which would eliminate the reclosable feature).  We know you have opinions, chime in and let us know what you think: one lucky commenter will receive a FREE bag of biscuits!


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