Hey, Buddy, Can You Spare A Bone?

We recently got word that one of the most kick-ass dog shelters in Portland is really feeling the economic pinch

“Although the last several weeks have brought some awesome adoptions of our long timers Honna Lee, Eddie, Mr Chompers and Blue, overall our adoption rates have been down and so have donations. Needless to say, money is tight around here and we could use a little help. But alas, their lack of thumbs make it challenging to find decent work…”

Family Dogs does critical work in our community, and I cant begin to tell you what excellent care they give the dogs (or the grueling hours that entails). We know times are tight, and maybe you want to make a donation, but then it would be a choice between helping shelter dogs or buying biscuits for your own pooch. We have a solution! Make a contribution of $25 or more to them and we will ship you a FREE bag of biscuits, so you can have your treats, and donate too!

Just email you donation confirmation, and we will give you the deets on free treats!

Thanks So Much For Your Support!


We Are Trying Out New Packaging!

We are always tinkering, here at the ol’ biscuit factory ,  always looking for ways to do things better, from ingredients, to best practices in production, and even packaging.   Our current bakery bags are awesome, but their dimensions are such that they don’t fit in the smallest USPS shipping boxes,  and the next larger box is ridiculously big ~not to mention ridiculously expensive to ship!  We also wanted packaging that did a better job of showcasing the unique characteristics of our treats.

Our New BioBags, better in every way!

So now we are experimenting with cellulose bags that fit very nicely in the little Flat Rate boxes, and don’t have a negative impact on the planet.

We would love your feedback: for example, the bags are designed to be closed with a twist-tie, but could be heat sealed (which would eliminate the reclosable feature).  We know you have opinions, chime in and let us know what you think: one lucky commenter will receive a FREE bag of biscuits!

Featured Farm: The Deck Family Farm

The broth for the biscuits is simmering on the stove, and the aroma is intoxicating!  A growing trend of dogs developing sensitivities to beef and poultry products has lead to our needing our make own lamb broth with which to make the biscuits.  This, in turn, lead to the need to find a sheep farmer.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have ridiculously high standards for the farms who provide the meat for our biscuits, but after an exhaustive search I happened upon  the Deck Family Farm, who have no trouble at all meeting those standards, because they share the values behind them.

The Deck family insists on proper stewardship of the land and their animals, putting ethics ahead of profit margin means the meat they produce costs twice as much the feedlot version.   The lives that sustain us, those of the beasts and those of the farmers, have honor and value and dignity; and they deserve our respect. The way farmers work and live on the land ultimately effects all of us: in pesticide run off, or it’s absence; soil erosion, or the lack of it; the nutritional content and quality of the meat, or lack there of. The Deck family does not compromise on these critical issues, which is why we feel so privileged to be working with them!

Their goal is to produce the healthiest and most nutritious meat possible, with an emphasis on animal health and welfare. Their animals have access to green pasture and open sky 365 days a year. The Deck family steward their animals through every cycle, from start to finish, which means babies will are nursed until an appropriate age of weaning and finished on the same pasture where they were born. There is absolutely no use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.
The Decks have set up a pasture-based system with the goal of giving their animals a happy and healthy life. But their goals extend further than this. They go to great lengths to ameliorate the impact on the land, surrounding wilderness ~and even to extend the amount of wilderness on their land.

They have spent over 6 years on the Turnbow Creek CREP Project, which will protect 3500′ of Turnbow Creek (a tributary to the Long Tom River) from grazing animals, provide wildlife habitat, enable  better grazing for their animals, and provide a foundation for our nutrient management program. Thanks to a convergence of environmental organizations,  and the intrepid efforts of the Deck Kids, the world got a little better and a little greener.

Last fall they put a tremendous amount of work  into slowing the velocity of water through through  their culvert on Owen’s Creek, which was impacting trout during spawning season. No one made them do it, there was no profit in it for them, they did it because it was the right thing to do.

Ultimately, the Deck Family would like to create community around agriculture while taking back the distribution and marketing aspects of the food system so that family farmers can once again make a viable living off the land. Their vision includes creating a cooperative of meat producers in the Willamette Valley that can distribute and market products under one brand name, much like Organically Grown Company does with vegetables.

Leo and I have always brought uncompromising standards to the ingredients we use.When we first started this company, I made the observation that there were plenty of cheaper dog biscuits out there, Leo didn’t miss a beat:  “It’s not about cheap, mom: it’s about quality.” Quality, and doing things right.

Deck Family Farm raises 100% Grassfed Heritage Galloway Beef, Heritage Red Wattle Pork, Heritage La Belle Rouge Chickens,White Turkeys, Heritage Turkeys,  Hens Eggs, Duck Eggs, Lamb and  Goat.  And once you have tried their offerings, I think you will agree that they are worth every cent and more!

You can find Deck Family Farm products at the Alberta Co-op,  the PSU Farmers Market, Hollywood Farmers Market, and St. John’s Farmers Markets in Portland;  the Eugene Saturday Market, the Friendly Street Markets in Eugene, and the Astoria Cooperative in Astoria.

The Deck Family Farm

Help Us Support White Wolf Sanctuary

In honor of Earthday, we will be donating all profits from this weekend’s sales to White Wolf Sanctuary.

Located in a coastal mountain range of Oregon near the small town of Tidewater, the sanctuary covers 60 acres, 50 acres of which are completely fenced and isolated for the protection of the Arctic wolves: these white wolves are not in cages, but instead run as freely as possible in a natural habitat (within 50 fenced acres of natural habitat) which includes ponds, shelters, trees and meadows.

We were excited to learn about their program, and Leo is planning to visit the sanctuary this summer as part of  his Xploregon service work.  Join us in supporting them by buying a bag of biscuits this weekend, or with a direct donation

Featured Pooch: Boomer is Ready For Fun, Adventure ~and A Home!

Boomer is an awesome dog looking for an awesome home, with help from the good folks at Family Dogs New Life Shelter.  Nearly a year old, Boomer is a Border Collie/Pointer mix, just like our girl Scout, so you know he’s smart as a whip and ready for adventure! You can also count on him to have a heart of gold and the energy of a Duracell Bunny!  Planning to get out and enjoy Frisbee, running on the beach, hiking, and all those other great outdoorsy activities Oregon has to offer? Boomer is the perfect companion for active sports and adventure!

Look at that handsome face and tell me you aren’t in love! He’s crate trained and quick to learn new tricks; just keep in mind that he is still just a pup: he will need a home with patience, consistency, and positive training. He loves to run and play with other dogs, almost as much as he likes to playing active games with people, and he does well with respectful kids age 10 and over.
If you are looking for a fun, happy, lovable friend, he is your guy!

10-12 months old,  adoption fee: $200 and includes; neuter, microchip,  free veterinary exam, 1 month pet health insurance, leash/collar, food sample, reduced-cost Training Class, toy & treat packet.

And remember: your adoption certificate, from any shelter, anywhere in the US, works as a gift certificate for a 1 year ‘biscuit subscription’ from us, to help you build a healthy relationship with your new pooch!

Ya All Come By Now, ya Hear?!

With the opening of E.A.T., with whom we share space, the ol’ biscuit factory can now welcome local fans to stop in!
Ever wish your pooch could try our biscuits fresh outta the oven, or taste-test recipes not yet available on the open market? Well, as it happens, you can! Just drop by E.A.T. during regular business hours: the courtyard out front is an ideal place for dogs to join their humans for a little smackerel, and I’m always happy to offer a sample of whatever I’m working on; and, of course, samples of our latest creations are always available at the counter, even when I’m out with the dogs. So stop by if your in the hood! 850 NE 81st Ave., Portland. Entrance on Oregon Street (where else?!)

This Weekend Only: Get a FREE Bag of Biscuits!

The dehydrator is humming away, chock full of our new Lamb & Rice dog biscuits; and Mark and his crew are whipping up delectable new dishes for the two-legged folk ~like the Bacon & Green Onion Biscuits with Cambazola Fonduta, so good!
Come in this weekend for some authentic Portland comfort food, and get a FREE bag of our dog treats (with the purchase of any meal) while supplies last.